South Idaho Trip

Just completed a visit to South Idaho to see several programs. Enjoyed Learning about DayBreak Canyon, a school in Twin Falls that is serving boys and is entirely “green” – so not only are the sustainable, they create sustainable relationships with their students of varied needs. I was impressed to see staff and students interacting and working together side by side.

Revisited Wisdom Ranch School. Always interesting to see what the young men are making – there are plenty of projects to participate in! Was surprised to find a zen garden a graduating student had contributed.

Also revisited Cherry Gulch School and spent time with one of my students. These 11-15 year old boys were on a field-trip to learn about lake creatures. Wading in the Boise stream, they plucked out frogs and other critters, all the while being instructed by teachers.

A new program, Emerge, focuses on supporting students in transition to college. Focused on helping students utilize school resources and maintain and grow independence, college level young adults enjoy the environment of Boise and all it has to offer.