NATSAP Conference

I flew in to Las Vegas last night with high expectations for this week – no, gambling is not on my to do list!  Rather, I will be connecting with and sharing information with some of the finest people and therapeutic programs in the nation at the NATSAP Conference this week in Las Vegas. What is NATSAP? It is the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Program. They exist to bring the people who work with struggling teens and young adults to raise awareness of what the best practices to help are, and how to implement them. Also, NATSAP serves as a way to develop connections with the individuals who serve my clients – to brainstorm new approaches to old problems, in the spirit of collaboration, and to have some fun getting to know each other. What I gain from the NATSAP organization is a better sense of the strides that the therapeutic industry is making iin helping adolescents who have struggled with multiple issues, and are desiring to renew their confidence and self-esteem.

Also, this gathering facilitates smaller gatherings of therapeutic and educational consultants, like myself, who discuss quality control, program news, and overall compare notes as part of our due diligence in program recommendation.It is always a privilege to get inside the minds of therapists  and residential treatment centers who are implementing cutting edge changes that make a difference in the lives of the clients and families I serve.