Our Advantage

“Vania talks to you like a friend or an aunt would. Sometimes she tells you things that are hard to hear, but she is caring when she is doing it.”
– Becca

V. Matheus – Therapeutic & Educational Consulting seeks out warm, nurturing, professional care providers and environments that focus on whole person, integrative care. We search for and only recommend people and programs that value personal growth, emotional regulation, and life skill development – without an institutionalized or pathology-focused feel. We are a strength-based approach.

  • We believe in hope. We visualize the best possible outcome for your child’s future, then create a solid plan to get there. We are a strength-based, comprehensive service that has the ability to guide you through every step of the process and road to your child’s recovery, so you are not alone, and you have answers. We look for ways to benefit the entire family and help you create lasting, salient change that supports your young person.
  • We believe by providing tools for change from the beginning—preparation, education, as well as support, insight and resources. Families will make the lasting changes necessary to help their student transition successfully back into their home and community. We begin with the end in mind.
  • We individualize our approach – there are no boilerplate, cookie cutter approaches. Every situation is different, and every child is unique.
  • Because we won’t compromise our quality of care, we only take clients who are a good fit for our services, and we limit the number of clients we serve at any one time.
  • We believe personally connecting with our clients helps us gain an in-depth understanding of their situation. We often meet with clients in their homes or where they are most comfortable.