Our Process

“My wife and I are thrilled to see the progress in our daughter. Two years ago she was cutting herself and wanting to die. Now she is preparing for college, and her bumps aren’t nearly as scary. Vania seems to know the right people and intuit who we should work with. This is a hard process to go through and having the right people and the right kind of treatment is everything. We were thankful that Vania led the way.”
-Barry L.

Deciding to intervene in your young person’s life is the most important decision you will ever make. It is deeply personal, and easy, boiler-plate solutions or generic answers will not suffice.

Our process is about helping you find answers that make sense for your family and young person. We prepare you for what to expect at every step of the process. We guide you on how to best support your young person through a carefully designed plan in a way that minimizes trauma, includes the young person, and does not cause the family or student unnecessary distress. We utilize a four-step comprehensive process affording our families the most effective plan with the best resources.

Step 1: ASSESS




Step 1: Assess – GOAL: Develop Understanding of Presenting Concerns and Needs

  • Thorough face-to-face meetings with parents
  • Meetings with student
  • Meetings with siblings willing to provide input
  • Determine level of crisis and immediate support needed
  • Consultation and collaboration with other professionals having worked with your family
  • Consultation with any family members or friends that can lend insight on your student or  family
  • Review of any written material, psychological testing, school reports
  • Meetings with parents and professionals to review information

Step 2: Intervene – GOAL: Design, determine, execute, recommend aftercare

  • Research and determine best options, intervention approach and resources
  • Present options to family and collaborate
  • Plan timeline and logistical details
  • Design intervention approach on how to present student with information about treatment or programs
  • Supervise parents and family through intervention: support, guidance, education and instruction
  • Ongoing support and plan for family’s growth and wellness
  • Recommendations for aftercare or next step

Step 3: Advocate – GOAL: Monitor, Support,  Educate, Prepare

  • Monthly assessment of young person’s needs and program viability (or more as needed)
  • Collaboration with recommended programs or resources for attention to family
  • Advanced planning, support and education for young person’s reintegration to home and community
  • Access to Webinar educational preparation series and tools through HEART OF TRANSITIONS Curriculum
  • Preparation and support/assessment of home visits
  • Meet with student on home visits, SKYPE and as needed, to check-in and determine progress or concerns
  • Ongoing contact and information exchange with your student’s Placement or Program to monitor progress
  • Collaboration and guidance through any further interventions needed
  • Advocate for student and family while placement continues

Step 4: PREPARE – GOAL: Design Transition Plan and Future

  • Assess, identify, and determine best next step after client exits treatment, per therapist (at program) recommendations
  • Collaborate with young person and family on options
  • Educate family on transition and reintegration developmental process
  • Determine goals
  • HEART OF TRANSITIONS 6-part series tool + individualized meetings to customize to client and family’s needs.
  • Meet with student to involve in transition process and set goals
  • Identify resources within community or next step for teen’s continued progress
  • Support to parents and young person during transition process

We provide ongoing support, education, and strategies for the many questions that arise after the decision to intervene in your teen’s life. Issues such as how to communicate plans or placement to friends and family, what type of family support is needed during your young person’s time away, and preparation to reintegrate your teen back home. V. Matheus – Therapeutic & Educational Consulting helps you get the support you need to navigate the process and make the changes necessary to support your teen.