Intervention and Placement Support

V. Matheus – Therapeutic & Educational Consulting seeks out warm, nurturing, professional care providers and environments that focus on whole person, integrative care. We search for and only recommend people and programs that value personal growth, emotional regulation, and life skill development – without an institutionalized or pathology-focused feel. We are a strength-based approach.

Intervening in your young person’s life is never an easy decision. It is difficult for both student and family to come to terms with how unmanageable the home situation has become. Instead of waiting until the next crisis, V. Matheus – Therapeutic & Educational Consulting helps you design the most effective strategy to preparing your struggling young person for a therapeutic placement.

We help you find the words to say that are straight from the heart, but right to heart of the matter. We construct a process in which the dynamics of the family begin to change – where parents gain confidence in their ability, and young people begin to feel safe and supported.

We work to minimize trauma and abandonment issues that students sometimes can feel if an intervention is not well thought out or unexpected. Our goal is to help your family use the time of intervention as a growth and learning experience for everyone involved. It is the start of real change.

Because your student’s safety is always the primary concern, we determine the best way to keep your student physically and emotionally safe as well.