Therapeutic Boarding School Placement

V. Matheus – Therapeutic & Educational Consulting seeks out warm, nurturing, professional care providers and environments that focus on whole person, integrative care. We search for, and only recommend people and programs that value personal growth, emotional regulation, and life skill development – without an institutionalized or pathology focused feel. We are a strength-based approach.

Therapeutic boarding schools are academic environments placing emphasis on teens growing both emotionally and educationally. These schools are designed to provide a safe, structured environment for teens to continue practicing new, positive habits as well as acquiring additional life insights.

Therapeutic boarding schools vary in approach, design, and quality. Several schools are academically rigorous and keep teens on track for college. Many have designed creative approaches providing venues so teens can gain new, healthier interests and coping strategies by participating in positive experiences such as outdoor recreation, equine work, or holistic lifestyle practices like yoga and organic cooking.

Several schools are designed to work closely with families helping each member make necessary changes to function together when their teen reintegrates to their home and community. Several of these schools can enhance the academic experience of a young person with learning differences who has not experienced success in traditional environments.

Students participate in regular psychotherapy and group process. Length of stay is typically 12-17 months.