Therapeutic Wilderness Program Placement

V. Matheus – Therapeutic & Educational Consulting seeks out warm, nurturing, professional care providers and environments that focus on whole person, integrative care. We search for and only recommend people and programs that value personal growth, emotional regulation, and life skill development – without an institutionalized or pathology-focused feel. We are a strength-based approach.

Wilderness therapy programs are designed to remove the daily distractions and defense mechanisms that struggling young people turn to. Without distractions and means to maladaptive coping strategies, young people learn to create comfort from within and experience real accomplishments – often for the first time in their lives.

Therapeutic Wilderness Program Placement can offer a wholesome, structured environment where your student receives feedback, support, and guidance. Most importantly, the structure of these settings allow the resetting of a disregulated body and mind. When health improves, so does the young person’s ability to gain major insights – resulting in dramatic behavioral and emotional changes.

Well-functioning and well-designed wilderness therapy programs teach accountability, team work, and self-reliance and create a true passage in to maturity through rituals and traditions that acknowledge self-growth. Additionally, wilderness therapy allows for a thorough, in-depth evaluation process providing valuable feedback to both parents and supporting professionals.

Wilderness therapy programs should not be confused with boot-camps that are punitive, or focus only on behavioral compliance. However, wilderness therapy programs vary in quality and consistency. Also, programs differ in what they offer as far as clinical sophistication. By traveling around the country to visit and evaluate these programs, our goal is to identify only the best, well-run, well-functioning programs having earned a reputation for great work with teens at the highest standard. By getting to know the therapists and staff at these programs, we are able to match your teen to a specific program and provider to help your family realize the greatest success.