Transitions To Home Or Next Step

V. Matheus – Therapeutic & Educational Consulting seeks out warm, nurturing, professional care providers and environments that focus on whole person, integrative care. We search for and only recommend people and programs that value personal growth, emotional regulation, and life skill development – without an institutionalized or pathology-focused feel. We are a strength-based approach.

Students returning home from a therapeutic placement face a number of challenges parents must understand and help them carefully navigate. Being prepared for what to expect is the best way to ensure your student’s success.

V. Matheus – Therapeutic & Educational Consulting will guide you and your young person in creating a solid transition plan. We have allocated time and resources to gathering and studying both qualitative and quantitative research on transition and reintegration back to home and community. We have developed the “Heart of Transitions” six-step curriculum as a result and have experienced great success with reintegrating students back to home and community.

We will help you find the most appropriate academic environment for your student to return to. We show you how to use your resources such as family, friends, school, community, and care providers to support your teen’s continued growth and success upon returning home. We help you allocate excellent professional help through our network of contacts within the Bay area and Northern California.