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“Your sincere care for people and understanding of families and teens came at a time when we needed it most.  I realize that we are clearly not out of the woods yet, but I am so grateful for the help and guidance that we received from you. It has helped us  through a critical time and given us clarity and insight for the continued work ahead.”
-Gina, Parent

Therapeutic Boarding School Placement Our constant travels to visit and evaluate hundreds of programs afford you the expertise to pick the one that will create the greatest success for your teen and family. Find Out More.

Residential Treatment Program Placement Adolescents and young adults who have severe emotional issues, psychiatric needs, or require a high level of support and monitoring around behaviors resulting from their clinical complexity often benefit from the highly structured environment of a Residential Treatment Center (RTC). Find Out More.

Therapeutic Wilderness Program Placement Wilderness therapy programs are designed to remove the daily distractions and defense mechanisms that hurting teens and young adults turn to. Without the distractions of music, peers, drugs, and computers, teens learn to create comfort from within and experience real accomplishments, often for the first time in their lives.  Find Out More.

Intervention and Placement Support Intervening with your child is never an easy decision. It is difficult for both student and family to come to terms with how unmanageable the home situation has become. Instead of waiting until the next crisis, V. Matheus Therapeutic & Educational Consulting helps you design the most effective strategy in preparing your struggling teen or young adult for a therapeutic placement. Find Out More.

At-Home Plans Because not every situation requires placement, V. Matheus Therapeutic & Educational Consulting designs at-home, customized support plans. These plans include education, strategy, and allocation of appropriate resources to provide treatment and level of needed support to your young person and family. Find Out More.

Transitions to Home or Next Step Students returning home from a therapeutic placement face a number of challenges parents must help them carefully navigate. Parents have many unanswered questions about what they need to know to make the transition successful. Find Out More.

‘Bright Futures’ College Placement and Planning V. Matheus Therapeutic and Educational Consulting now offers college and next-step planning for students with special needs and unique situations. Find Out More.