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We help teens and young adults ages 8-26 who are struggling with alcohol and drug abuse, behavioral problems, complex psychological issues, developmental issues, emotional issues, and students with learning differences create brighter futures. 

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Our process is about helping you find answers that make sense for your family. We prepare you for what to expect at each step of the process. 

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We believe all teens and young adults desire a healthy, positive identity--even if it isn't what their choices or behaviors are expressing. 

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"This is a hard process to go through and having the right kind of people and the right kind of treatment is everything"
-Barry, Parent

At V. Matheus – Therapeutic & Educational Consulting we help you make sense of the many complex decisions involved in getting your teen back on the road to a brighter future. What sets us apart is our high-level of involvement with families from the beginning of the process through completion and recovery. We understand that choosing to place your young person in a program or intervene in their lives is a deeply personal and difficult decision. We are a constant, accessible source of support, ideas, and expertise available to you throughout the process.

V. Matheus therapeutic and educational consulting uses a strengths-based approach with our families. our commitment to you is found in our consistency, compassion, and communication.

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Barry L.

My wife and I are thrilled to see the progress in our daughter. Two years ago she was cutting herself and wanting to die. Now she is preparing for college, and her bumps aren’t nearly as scary. Vania seems to know the right people and intuit who we should work with. This is a hard process to go through and having the right people and the right kind of treatment is everything. We were thankful that Vania led the way.


Vania talks to you like a friend or an aunt would. Sometimes she tells you things that are hard to hear, but she is caring when she is doing it.

Christina M.

No one knew what was really going on with my son. He was constantly tired and overwhelmed. Terribly sensitive. Because of Vania’s training and personal experience, she was able to conceptualize several possibilities. She interviewed him several times and at length. We’ve had many professionals involved with Leland over the years, but none asked him the right questions until Vania. We now have many resources put in place to help Leland because now we know how to help him, and I credit Vania for discovering this and sending us to the right treatment.

Emmett B.

Vania listens. A lot of the kids at my program have never met or seen their ed consultant. I’ve seen her three times. I like her a lot because I think she gets what my problems are and doesn’t judge me.

Doug Ratelle, PhD

Vania understands the struggles and the treatment process, and she follows up with solid communication with parents and professionals. 
Vania is excellent at understanding the young person’s struggle because she takes the time needed. She does her homework, finding out what life has been like for the teenager. A professional has to get this part right, and with families we’ve worked on together, she’s 100% on target.
I’ve used the word “always” or “100%” on purpose. Vania is consistent at the skills and talents she brings to this work. 

Matt F., Professional

I’ve been working in the field of therapeutic interventions for over two decades. I know that Vania is well respected in the educational community and the programs she recommends. Vania travels to visit with the owners, directors, as well as the students of the placement options she suggests. Vania has a way of pulling together vast amounts of information and clearly deciphering it for this specific purpose. She has professional insight and is decisive. Vania is inclusive when working with a team and thoughtful of others. Vania is dedicated to helping kids. I would highly recommend Vania to any family in need of a professional and caring hand.

Eugene and Carol R.

We give Vania Matheus our highest recommendation. How she guided our family with such care every step of the way is not something you get with every professional – and we have worked with quite a few over the years in the journey with our son. She is devoted and dedicated. As a result, Matt is in a totally better place than a year ago. We can’t believe the difference.

Cindy M.

I can’t tell you how many times I have called Vania and she has really talked me off a limb. I have trusted her to help me with both of my sons. Her advice is always sound and she is very supportive.


I worked with Vania Matheus as an educational consultant in the placement of my teenage son in a therapeutic boarding school. At the time, I was a very distraught and confused parent with no knowledge of schools which would be beneficial to my son. When I met Vania, I immediately felt reassured by her extensive knowledge of the field and her calm and professional personality. I knew from the first meeting that I had the right person for the job, and my initial impression has grown even stronger over the two years we have worked together. Vania was able to sift through many variables to find an educational environment that would truly suit my child’s academic and emotional needs. I knew that she truly cared about me and my family, and the very positive results of her efforts attest to her hard work and diligence. With my profound gratitude, I give my highest recommendation to Vania Matheus.


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